Make 500 TRX to 100 Million TRX

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Tronage Smart Contract Matrix —

Tron(TRX) Booster — Tronage Smart Contract is Coming !

Tronage is a decentralized, Self-Executing Smart Contract Crypto earnings program that was built on the Tron Blockchain (TRX token) . Tronage platform was launched in September 2020, The application code is programmed to distribute income transfer between participants according to a specific algorithm (matrix marketing plan).

The code for the contract is in the public domain. Transaction information can always be viewed at the link

The Tronage platform consists of self-executing trades, which do not permit anyone to interfere with the course of the transactions. …


Tronage Smart Contract

Self Executive Smart Contract for TRON( TRX) earning. X3 and x4 of 24 slots. Start with just 500 TRX to make 100 million TRX. Telegram:

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