ANTE/WIN: Prepare For Take-Off

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Jul 18 · 4 min read

Dear TRONbetonians,

In less than a year, ANTE has taken the blockchain industry by storm, proving to the world that wealth redistribution can become reality using the transparency and automation of the TRON blockchain. Everything that ANTE and TRONbet accomplished since launch would not have been possible without the help of our loyal ANTE warriors. Throughout all the ups and downs, FUD and FOMO, all of you have stayed devoted to the vision that we all share. Because of this vision, team TRONbet has partnered with industry leaders including the TRON Arcade fund among others, to further generate value for ANTE hodlers. Now its time we prepare ANTE for take off!

Engine Check (STEP 1) : Token Exchange + Airdrop for LIVE

  • (END STAGE) ANTE mining will end on Saturday July 20th, 2019 @ 23:59 EST.
  • All un-mined ANTE will be burned.
  • Beginning from this announcement, unfreezing ANTE will be changed from 24 hours to 10 days.
  • DIVIDENDS (WINDROP) will not be paid out beginning from this announcement to END STAGE.
  • WINDROP will be paid out right after END STAGE

2. ANTE tokens will be exchanged to a new TRC20 Token (WIN)

  • All tokens that are frozen in the ANTE contract before END STAGE will be automatically exchanged into (WIN) token.
  • ANTE that is not frozen in the smart contract will have the option to freeze and exchange for WIN tokens from the “WINDROP” Tab.
  • ANTE frozen before END STAGE will be rewarded 100% of the WIN exchange rate. ANTE frozen after END STAGE will be rewarded 70% of the WIN exchange rate.
How to Freeze ANTE to exchange for WIN


LIVE token hodlers will be airdropped the new WIN token. A snapshot of everyone’s frozen LIVE will be taken of the LIVE dividend payout right before END STAGE (Saturday, July 20th 2019 @ 23:00EST).

Important NOTES:

  • ANTE will no longer be used after the exchange.
  • ANTE will be delisted from all partner exchanges (TRX Market, TRONTrade, TRONwatch) at END STAGE.
  • WIN cannot be unfrozen, traded, or exchanged, until STEP 3 Engines On.
  • WIN cannot be mined and can only be purchased on exchange.

3. Each platform (both in-house and partner DApps) will have their own tokens for mining. (TRONbet:DICE, LIVE:LIVE, Poker:RAKE etc.)

4. The dividend model will be changed accordingly, giving more back to the user.

In-House (TRONbet — DICE)

New in-house DApp WINDROP Model

Total Divs for users: 85%

Partner dApps

New Partner DApp WINDROP model

Total Divs for users: 78%

  • TRONbet Platform (Dice, Moon, Ring) will be mining an In-House token called DICE. Mining will begin from Level 1 — Stage 1 and will start after END STAGE.
  • The WIN pool will work similar to the current ANTE pool. For example, the new DICE token WINDROP(35% for WIN hodlers) will be sent to the WIN pool at 23:00 EST (similar to LIVE). Those who hold DICE tokens will also have their WINDROP(50%) distributed to their wallet at 23:00 EST. WIN WINDROP will then be distributed at 00:00 EST proportionate to the amount you hodl (similar to current ANTE).
  • LIVE platform 51% will be kept unchanged.

Important NOTES:

A. Above dividend model will be active right after END STAGE

B. We will be monitoring the above dividend model, and may make adjustments accordingly to ensure the most balanced return for all stakeholders.

C. Developers will no longer freeze any tokens for WINDROP, and will instead be taken directly from WIN pool.

Mission Briefing (STEP 2) : Announcement on Twitter (TBA)

Engines On (STEP 3) : Houston! Get ready for take-off! (TBA)

Disclaimer: Team TRONbet will not be responsible for any issues regarding ANTE after END STAGE.

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