Ravencoin — Cointext.io

Hey everyone, this is a really great way to send RVN to your friends. Send to anyone in the US with mobile phone. They don’t even need a Ravencoin wallet. No friends? No problem. Send $0.25 of RVN to me and I’ll be your friend. Send to RMHTyZs5LGA3opb5dUnbZBNznYzZSBZ9Dn

Cointext.io lets you send RVN to anyone — even if they haven’t downloaded a wallet.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, this number only works in the US.

Use this phone number:


Put it in your contacts as Cointext RVN:

Text START to this number and Cointext will send you a Ravencoin address. Fund your account by sending RVN to this address.

To send RVN to others, just send SMS messages to the RVN Cointext number.

Here are some examples:

To send RVN to someone in the US (use their phone number):

SEND $0.25 801–555–5555

To send RVN to a wallet or get it out of Cointext (use your wallet address):

SEND $0.25 RMHTyZs5LGA3opb5dUnbZBNznYzZSBZ9Dn

To get your balance:


To get a list of commands:


To get the Ravencoin address to fund your account at Cointext:


For more info, visit https://cointext.io/en/ But know that they haven’t added all the other country SMS numbers yet, and they haven’t added RVN to the main page. We did talk to them to make sure it was Ok to tell everybody about their service.

This is one of the easiest ways to introduce anyone to crypto, and to Ravencoin in particular. Be safe and don’t leave too many RVN on Cointext.