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DApp Evolution [EVO]
Jan 27 · 3 min read

Introducing TronChat’s Paid Inbox feature. TronChat’s paid inbox marries online actions with real world value. This is the core thesis of the DApp Evolution Ecosystem and it’s product family.


With the paid inbox users can place bounties on actions from other users. Want someone to open your message? Place a bounty on that action. Want someone to reply or see a video reaction of them reading your message? Make your offer and the other user can choose to accept.

Unlike a traditional inbox that is organized chronologically, the paid inbox is organized by value. That means that the most valuable messages will always appear at the top of your inbox.


Inboxes for persons of interest (influencers) are often flooded with spam and meaningless messages. Influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs and others with elevated public profiles rarely check or sort through their inboxes, as they are bombarded with communications that provide no value to them.

With paid inboxes, influencers can easily find the messages that hold value, giving them direct incentive to interact with fans, followers, and potential colleagues who otherwise would be unable to get their attention.

Brands often work diligently to get their followers and users to perform simple actions (sign up for newsletter, download new app, engage on socials, etc.). Often times these brands must allocate marketing budgets to influence their supporters to take such actions. The paid inbox removes the middleman, allowing brands to directly incentivize users to perform microtasks, such as opening, replying, reacting, taking surveys, and more. The paid inbox is a truly disruptive feature at the core of TronChat’s social 3.0 DApp Ecosystem.

Paid inboxes will eliminate spam by requiring tokens to send a message, as well as incentive to open, reply or react. Fees will prevent advertisers from blindly spamming the internet with promotional and impersonal messages. Moreover, it will change the dynamic between influential users and those who desire their attention, response or reaction. Messages in a paid inbox will be sorted not by when they were sent, but instead by how much value is attached. The most valuable messages will be at the top of the paid inbox, allowing for truly valuable communications to get priority.


Over the coming weeks we will be unveiling features from out DApp Evolution Ecosystem, showing the disruptive potential for our products. Each feature is designed to bring value to digital interactions.

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DApp Evolution [EVO]

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