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DApp Evolution [EVO]
Nov 1 · 4 min read

Before diving in to the meat of this announcement the DApp Evolution team would like to take a minute to thank our extraordinary community that has made this all possible. Every person working on the Pizza Heroes project has been humbled by the incredible support you all have shown throughout this building process. We are beyond excited to reveal what we have been working on.

Pizza Heroes is more than a game — it is a robust online universe where digital assets will thrive. By creating a variety of game modes in which users can take their collectible NFT characters and items, Pizza Heroes is setting itself up to be the most immersive and rewarding blockchain gaming platform ever.

Our Journey

The journey into the Pizza Heroes universe began with the goal of creating the most exciting 3D digital collectibles the blockchain had ever seen, yet it has blossomed into something so much more than any of us could ever have hoped for.

After using and playing with other collectibles on the blockchain, and watching their struggles to maintain users, we realized that Pizza Heroes needed to provide true utility for its NFTs to achieve success.

So we built out a talented and driven team of developers, setting our sights on the highest level of modern gaming.

A peek into ZA

Now we welcome you to the magical world of ZA, the homeland of the Pizza Heroes that is under siege from evil forces. In the first game mode of the Pizza Heroes universe, you will be protecting ZA from its foreign attackers. The clips are taken from our defense mode, which will be the first playable game mode in the Pizza Heroes universe.

Please enjoy this first look at gameplay:

The Road Ahead

We have a few core tasks to complete before the beta release…

Finalizing Enemies

The enemies attacking ZA in the gameplay video are placeholder while we finalize the implementation of our own original cast of wrong doers. These include: evil potatoes, malicious meatball bats, and of course the lead supervillain Professor Kaleborg.

To give you an inside look into how we developed our characters we want to show you the concept art and growth into 3D implementation of some of the enemies in our world.

Light Potato Enemy: “Spud”

Initial concept sketches for Spud
Final 2D concept art for Spud (as well as the Fry Box, Pan Shield, and Neapolitan Ice Cream Football)
In-game rendering of Light Potato Enemy: “Spud”

The Evil Supervillain: Professor Kaleborg

Final 2D Concept for Professor Kaleborg
Final 3D Models for Professor Kaleborg
Professor Kaleborg Laughing his evil laugh

Finalizing Clothing

Along with enemies we are finalizing our clothing items. We are developing a deep ecosystem of clothing and accessories for the players to collect and trade. Clothing can have attributes, such as armor and other perks. Clothing items will be NFTs and truly owned by each player. We are finalizing the implementation of our clothing items and system to bring our heroes to the next level.

Building A Bright Future Together

The DApp Evolution team is now moving faster than ever while on the verge of delivering a game at the highest level. This first look at gameplay marks the start of building openly with the community. Now that we have laid the foundation of our vision for Pizza Heroes, we want to guide the next steps based on feedback from our core supporters. We will be doing much more regular updates as we approach beta.

What you see is just the tip of the iceberg that is Pizza Heroes. The game will continue to evolve a tremendous pace. Pizza Heroes is filled with personality, dedication, love and most all — FUN! This is a product that has been desperately needed in the crypto community and beyond.

More details including a launch date to be announced in the near future.

DApp Evolution [EVO]

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