C = ME2

Trond Lyngbø
Jul 23, 2013 · 3 min read

Forgive me, Albert Einstein, but this is relativity redefined.

Commerce equals Mobile plus Electronic — SQUARED!

In the world of online business where I parry and thrust every day, helping multi-million dollar corporations as well as mom-and-pop stores grapple with the intricacies of selling over the Internet, there’s a constant state of flux and change.

My work involves assisting clients at dominating Google to reach their prospects and clients online. I give them e-commerce SEO tips to boost their bottom-line profits.

And for most of them, there is NO business (commerce) without the “electronic” and “mobile” components. The digital universe has embraced e-retailing and m-commerce, merging them into a global commercial juggernaut that just keeps on growing bigger and bigger, year after year.

What if your business doesn’t have (or want to have) these elements?

Well, look at the formula above. Zero squared is… ?

Correct. Zero!

No longer is it optional for ANYBODY serious about running a business to ignore the global virtual selling platform called the Internet.

In fact, it has become so ubiquitous and integral to whatever entrepreneurs and marketers are doing, that the terms “e-” something or “m-” something might themselves soon be overlooked — in the same way as we are not always aware of our own breathing or heart beat.

It just happens. (But without it, we’re dead!)

My consulting work is to reinforce how important it is, even for traditional brick-and-mortar companies or hyper-local shops and services to hop on the bandwagon of electronic/mobile commerce — before it becomes too late.

It’s easy when you pause to think about how potential customers shop or make buying decisions. Before people decide what to buy offline, they spend time researching online.

Where are these prospective buyers? How are they searching for this information? What will they find on Google?

All these questions are relevant to every business owner. The answers to them will determine whether they’ll even have a business in the future!

Over a decade or longer, the migration to electronic devices has become complete. Today’s youngsters seem comfortable with iPads and smart phones, taking to them like a fish to water. Hardly anything is unfindable. Ask Google.

Mobile search provides listings of “geographical relevance” — the nearest pizzeria or ice-cream parlor offering your favorite flavor, the closest movie house screening your movie of choice, the nightclubs or restaurants in your vicinity.

If you own such a business, you need to be on the screens that your customers are using to seek you out. Otherwise, you’re out of business.

What I do for clients is essentially simple. I make it easy for their customers to find them. I show them how to address a prospect’s needs. I get them ranking high on Google for the most critical search terms and phrases that their audiences are using to find them.

Simple, yes. Basic, maybe. But critically important in today’s economy and business ecosystem.

Remember the formula for business success…

C = M E 2

Trond Lyngbø is founder and senior SEO consultant at Search Planet, and SEO columnist at Search Engine Land. He can be found on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and his Norwegian SEO blog.

    Trond Lyngbø

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    Trond Lyngbø is founder and SEO Consultant at Search Planet AS. Columnist at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. @TrondLyngbo and https://searchplanet.no/