Tron Invest Group Ecosystem Reward (TIGER) ”Don’t look for a needle in a haystack. Just buy the whole haystack.”

Hello dear participants. 
We are an ambitious team, are ardent fans of the blockchain TRON, we are launching the TIGER project.

  1. The goal of the project is to create a portfolio of promising projects with tokens that pay dividends. With the subsequent distribution of profits from the portfolio between the holders of the TIGER token.
  2. Today, in our opinion, the tron community needs a tool that will effectively manage the assets of private and institutional investors in the crypto market and allow a wide range of users to enter this market.
    The Tiger project develops a convenient TronFolio platform with a wide range of portfolio management tools
    TronFolio is designed to become this tool.

Check out our white paper in a language that will be easier for you to read. 
If you have any questions, managers of our telegram group will be happy to help you.
Join us!!! Don’t miss the chance to claim rewards from other projects by holding only one tiger token.
On our official website you can buy TIGER token for TRX-BTC-ETH-XRP-LTC and others.
Direct link to purchase:

The time of the SALE 🚀
Token price: 1 TIGER = 0.04 Trx 
After the ICO is completed, the Price is set 1 TIGER = 0.06 Trx


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