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GIFs are one of the oldest graphic file formats on the Web. But the GIF format was not originally intended for animation like we see today.

The GIF file type was created in 1987 to compress multiple images inside a single file using a lossless compression algorithm (called LZW compression)…

Originally published at https://trongnguyen.co on March 1, 2020.

Last year, I got the first Fashion Magazine. LifeWear Magazine from Uniqlo. I got it as a free item. It’s a kind of catalog, but with a nice design.

There was an impressed section. It was called “Form follows function”. I knew about that principle before. But applying for fashion…

Originally published at trongnguyen.co

In 1957, Picasso painted 58 different variations of Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas, a classic portrait that had been completed 300 years earlier. Picasso’s reinterpretation couldn’t be more different from the original, varying certain elements, using the same characters with aesthetically different forms while maintaining the original composition.

Each of Picasso’s…

In early 2018, Snapchat rolled out a major redesign. They launched a reformatted layout, which in turn confused users by making it difficult to access features they used daily.

It’s a drastic departure from previous designs and was supposed to make the app simpler to use. …

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