Bali trip

This is my second trip to Bali, Indonesia. To my wife, this is the first time. She is very excited about the trip.

Arrival at airport

We tried to catch a taxi in the airport. A guys offered us 200Rp, then 150Rp to our hotel at Legian. He followed us even we try to go inside a small mart to buy sim card. Sim card is a bit expensive. We purchased a 300k sim card with 12GB data plan. We might not need that amount of data in 4 days. We tried to book Grab and we got one driver. Unfortunately, he can’t stop at airport pick up point because there is a restrict rule to forbid Uber or Grab cars in airport area. This driver could not speak English well, in the end i could not get where he is. Desperately, I saw a old taxi driver nearby and decided to take a ride. Drivers always told me traffic jams in Kuta and Legian. But indeed there is no traffic jam after 8pm at all.

Day 1

We visited Ubud as suggested by our driver, Komank. He is a very friendly driver who is willing to explain to me everything in Bali. Ubud will be a nice choice for the first day, as my wife has never been to Bali yet. We first chose Campuhan Ridge Walk as it was recommended on Trip Advisor. Plus, it is free. From the route, you can see vast of space on 2 sides, or even some small hills with build bamboo houses. It was 2km long walkway, but we only tried half of it because the sky was going to rain. We luckily come back Komank’s car on time.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Then we stop at Luwak Coffee plantation, or Bali Pulina . We tasted different flavors of coffee and compare with luwak coffee. To be honest, I like ginger tea and ginger coffee more. Luwak coffee tastes bitter to me. Price: 50k for 1 cup of luwak coffee and 7 flavours flavour testing cups.

It started to rain dogs and cats. We stop at Ibu Oka to eat traditional Indonesia meals. We tried Babi Guling, type of roasted pork local delicacy. Rice topped with suckling pig skin, grilled sausage and deep fried pork. We ordered 2 coconuts. They are super huge, not as small as in Singapore. Then we go to Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Price is 20k. It is like Sapa. We enjoyed the view of layers of terrace. I still love Sapa’s scenes more. There was a lot of rains on that day. Walking up and down many steps. Many tourists visit these places also. One thing is much better in Bali than any place I go, it is less sellers or burglars following us. After waterfall, we go back to our hotel, it is a very good swim at the end of afternoon.

Day 2

We visit Taman Ayun Temple and Ulun Danu Bratan in the morning. It was close to 60 km to the north from Legian. When we arrived to Taman Ayun Temple, there was no rain and we got some nice pictures. The temple opened for 2 times per year for festivals. The next temple is near the twin lakes with green covered mountain. If we had more time, we may likely visit Strawberry farm.

In the afternoon, we want to check out 2 coffee shops in Seminyak. Both locate near Seminyak Village shopping mall. While Sinisterfields boasts a simple and elegant atmosphere for youths to hang out, Revolver Express features western scenes with fighting gun movies. Traffic in Seminyak is quite bad, our car moved slowly in one way-streets. At some point we decide to walk and felt much easier to navigate among cars. Komank meet us again around 5pm, it was also the time we went back to hotel. It is sad to say good bye to him since the next day we want to travel by taxi or other private car services.

Day 3

We booked a go-jek and it took 10 minutes for the car to arrive. In this sharing economy, Go-Jek provide an alternative transportation to traditional taxi. Though GoJek is a local company, it is was not likeable by local taxi drivers. There are many signboards of boycotting grab, uber and gojek drivers.

We visit Seminyak and surrounding areas. This time we decide to walked along Ayer Jaya street to visit Chandra, a famous dining restaurant recommended by Komank. Food was great: we choose platter set with 12 traditional Indonesia dishes. That was a lovely atmosphere with racks of wine in the back, and pouring rain outside. We take many pictures with foods. While my wife drink ice lemon tea, i was happy with a pot of hot tea.

After lunch, we go out to hail a taxi, but it was rain again. We stop at Getalo Factory coffee with Italian ice cream. Though we didn’t order ice cream, we found that this would be an ideal place for hanging out for youngsters. Feeling young again, we climbed up to level 2 to take many pictures and uploads to Instagram. We hope one day our picture will be get featured out on the wall like other visitors.

My lovely wife
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