Play with Vibration API HTML5

HTML5 is so powerful. In my most recent meetup of Front End Meetup in Singapore, my team prepared an introduction about HTML5 vibration API. It is a pretty sleek and simple app. After make the basic vibration working. We add a variety of vibration tunes to the app. Open the demo page in your phone, if you see green, then it means Vibration API supports in your browser. However, vibration is not always working in all the devices. To test it, you can use this snippet:

function isVibrationEnabled(){
   return (navigator.vibrate || navigator.webkitVibrate || navigator.mozVibrate || navigator.msVibrate) ;

And here is the demo. Thanks to MayThee, Sinila and another boy, we won the first prize in 4 presentations. It was fun to try something new at meet up. One more interesting thing, 2 kids are studying in secondary school. Web developers have no limit to ages.

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