How to interact with EOS smart contract with Cleos and Scatter

Trong Dinh Thai Hoang
Jun 25 · 3 min read

This is part 2 of the EOS series. If you still not have EOS account, please follow part 1: t

In this post, I will use BlockPass Smart Contract as a sample.

Introduction BlockPass:

The only password management app that stores your data on EOS blockchain. All you need to do is use BlockPass. By using your own private key, your data are safe and never lost.

- Work in offline mode.
- Auto-sync to Blockchain.
- Add/remove your password by one touch.
- Can interact with multi-chain (Jungle TestNet, Kylin TestNet)

1. Clone + build BlockPass Smart Contract:

I’ve committed .abi and .wasm file for you. If you want to build it, here are the following steps:

git clone

cd EOS/blockpass

mkdir build

cd build

cmake ../


cp blockpass.abi blockpass.wasm ../

2. Deploy BlockPass Smart Contract:

cleos -u {eos_api_endpoint} set contract {contract_name} {path_to_eos_blockpass} -p {account_name}@active

Ex: cleos -u set contract trongdthdapp /Users/trong_pro/Workplace/MroomSoftware/blockpass/blockpass-smart-contract/EOS/blockpass -p trongdthdapp@active

3. Interact with BlockPass Smart Contract:

Basically, BlockPass Smart Contract has 2 main methods: add and del

* add method *

add method

owner: account name will store data.

data: all passwords information of the owner.

timestamp: epoch time in seconds

* del method *

del method

owner: account name who keeps the data.

Use Cleos:

cleos -u push action trongdthdapp add ‘{“owner”: “trongdthdapp”, “data”: “”, “timestamp”: 1561449436}’ -p trongdthdapp@active

Use Scatter:

Choose Scatter
Log into `trongdthdapp` successfully
  • Search trongdthdapp account and choose Contractthen. You will see something like this
Contract `trongdthdapp`
  • Choose Actions and fill your data in add method and press Push Transaction
Fill data to add method



Notes: If you have any problem need my help, don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks and see u in next article.

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