Foto by Mark Chadwick ( CC license)

The Periscope and Boredom

I spend an hour on Twitter’s Periscope and here is what I learned.

There is a certain pinch in the back of my mind if I read about new apps, websites or social media platforms that should revolutionize our civilisation that right now seems to have this very special equilibrium between desperately being in constant touch with others but still waiting diligently until the phone stops ringing just to text a few moments later the words: “What’s up?”.
We keep each other at arm length.
And I know about this because I might be one of the arm lengthiest people.

Streaming started long ago with websites like and later on Twitch but moved more or less recently to mobile phone with Meerkat and now Periscope, an egg Twitter laid for us all, that I had to install to my phone.
There are obviously differences between these platforms as you might know. Whereas e.g. Twitch has the purpose to stream gamer and e-sports events Periscope has a far bigger vision.

Foto by Glenna Barlow ( CC license)

Let me take you away

A Hot Air Balloon rises into the air and you can enjoy the moment with the person riding it. Sunrises in far away lands, cities and lifes all over the world. A connected world where you can visit other places and people in an instant.

Retrospectively I have to say that my stakes where a bit high after watching the promotional video…

A few moments later I watched a drunk guy making faces, a really (really) young girl laughing into the camera while (according to their profile picture) mostly male viewers asked her questions like “What color is your shirt?” and a young woman sitting at home being visibly bored to death while talking about her friends that might be there in just a few minutes (any second now!).
It took me a while but after 30 min I found a person riding home by bike in Amsterdam (lovely cliche…) and that was nice but still not what I was expecting.

Sunrises I didn’t see on Periscope Foto by Matthias Bachmann and Matthew Paulson ( CC license)

Where are my sunrises?

After jumping from country to country my interest dwindled. There where people streaming from places but mostly their living rooms. You could interact with persons but it seldom went farer then a “Hello” or a short answer. The whole style of interaction felt very hurried in contrast to the streams of the users, that mostly had a - sometimes even charming - amateurish, planless quality.
And then there was me. Sitting on the couch getting sour because I couldn’t manage to watch precious moments that happened to other people.

The stuff we are made of

In the end my phone battery was drained and so was my fascination.
While I plugged my phone back on I reflected on this last hour and came to my following conclusion:

There might be sunrises somewhere, sometimes
and marvelous adventures
but mostly there is boredom, loneliness and inane moments of nonsense.
This is what every season of Big Brother is like.
This is what life is like.

— — —

Thank you for reading my first article on Medium!
These conclusions where made after 1h of testing the app.
What are your opinions?
Let me know, I am open and happy for any discussion!