Project 2- Tron Payment Gateway

Tron Payment Gateway, which allows to pay for products with Tron and Tron based tokens. It was built with the vision to make the payments comfortable as much as possible. We are making this plugin into multi token plugin and adding all best TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.

FULL DESCRIPTION: As we know, most payment systems require registration on their services, creating wallets there to controlling your money. They are also charging withdrawal fees from you. Our plugin uses a Decentralized Payment Method for payments. You just need to add your wallet addresses to plugin options panel and user will send the money directly to your address. Our plugin is easy to install, No 3rd party wallet sign-up/payment required. Automatic instant coin price calculation and will adjust to your product price. So you don’t need to worry about changing cryptocurrency market price. Product price is automatically converted to coin price.

BENEFITS TO TRON NETWORK: Tron is the World’s Largest Decentralized Ecosystem. Tron gives quicker transaction confirmations and higher throughput. Our payment gateway helps lot for Tron’s real world use. Accepting Tron as a means of payment will give merchants access to new customers and help to boost profits. We have few payment gateway plugins which supports TRX but not decentralized and no plugin accepts trc10/trc20 tokens. We support both TRC10 and TRC20. Tron community can use their tokens for buying products. Tokens will be added based on interest. We are also making customized payment gateway plugin for your token.


  1. Customized Payment Gateway setup.
  2. Adding new tokens.
  3. Yearly subscription plan.


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Tron Signature Project is a bundle of projects that will be developed on Tron Blockchain which mainly focus on real life adoption for Tron Cryptocurrency.

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