Project 4 — Crypto Dating Project

An online dating application is an online dating service presented through a mobile phone application, often taking advantage of a smartphone’s GPS location capabilities, always on-hand presence, and easy access to digital photo galleries and mobile wallets to enhance the traditional nature of online dating.

In the recent time, the online dating industry has gained huge popularity as the demand for the top dating apps among adults is increasing constantly. We are developing modern dating platform which accepts Cryptocurrencies with following options.

  • Location Based Social Search- It is necessary that the users are able to find people near to them, in order to make their dating experience beyond the virtual world. This could be done with the GPS locator into the application which shall fetch the nearby eligible users to match with.
  • Swipe to like or dislike a user-The users shall be able to categorize other users profile. A robust dating application will allow the liking or disliking a user’s profile. If both the users like each other it is termed to have a connection or match. Which shall state that both of them shall be interested in communicating with each other.
  • In-app messenger-To communicate with each other we provide a medium of connection where they are able to interact with each other. Basics would be to have a one to one messenger where they are able to send text messages to each other, furthermore the user experience increases if the users are able to audio call or video call through the application.
  • Set dating preferences-Options are vast in such a platform, hence it is required to filter out the choices based on each user’s preferences. This helps in building a personalized environment for the users. The basic preferences could be to select the gender, search radius, age range, setting profile to public or private etc. This shall help the users to search for matches based on their requirements.


  • Membership for extra features
  • Advertisement space.

Tron Signature Project is a bundle of projects that will be developed on Tron Blockchain which mainly focus on real life adoption for Tron Cryptocurrency.

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