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Project 6- Trading and Micro-tipping bot for Telegram

What is SIGNTipBot?
SIGNTipBot is an instant and easy way to share coins with your friends. Add our bot to any group on telegram, and start sending coins with few simple commands.

Getting Started
Here is the list of options in our bot

Balance : This menu shows balance in your wallet.

Deposit : You can deposit your tokens to your account using deposit address. This menu will show deposit address for all available Blockchains.

Withdraw : Using this menu you can withdraw your tokens to your preferred address.You have to maintain network fees for withdrawing tokens.

Supported Tokens: You can check the list of supported tokens using this menu.

List New Token : Use this menu to add new token to our bot.
Fill the application and your token will be reviewed and added very soon.

Sending Coins
In any group chat using SIGNTipBot reply to a friend (by double clicking their comment or swiping their comment left) and send a tip using the +tip command

Syntax : +tip amount tokenname

Example : +tip 10 SIGN

Airdropping Tokens :
In any group use this commands to drop tokens to many active users.

+rain : Use this command to airdrop active users in last 24 hours.

Syntax : +rain amount tokenname

Example : +rain 1000 SIGN

+bigdrop: Use this command to airdrop tokens to 500 active users.

Syntax : +bigdrop amount tokenname

Example : +bigdrop 1000 SIGN

Trading Tokens :
You can trade tokens within Telegram Groups using P2P Trade Method.
Here is the list of our Trading Rooms
Binance : @BinanceTradeRoom

Ethereum : @EtherTradeRoom

Tron : @TronicsTradeRoom

EOS : @EOSTradeRoom

Trade commands :

Buy : Using this command you can place buy orders.

Syntax : +order amount token for amount token

Example : +order 10 SIGN for 10 TRX

Trade Confirmation :
You can reply to +order with +trade to confirm the trade.

Example :
+order 10 SIGN for 10 TRX
Reply this message with
This will execute order instantly.For multiple orders you can mention line number.

Example : +trade 1 ,+trade 2

SIGNTipbot is a project by Tron Signature Project.
Join our Community and explore more projects by our team.
Telegram :
Website :


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Tron Signature Project is a bundle of projects that will be developed on Tron Blockchain which mainly focus on real life adoption for Tron Cryptocurrency.

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