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ElectroMarket is a global electronics marketplace where anyone can buy and sell new and refurbished Electronics with Cryptocurrencies. We already partnered with some b2b sellers and 18000+ new products ready for the platform. We are expecting more sellers joining us. We need funding for App Development and Marketing and setting up support team.

FULL DESCRIPTION: ElectroMarket is a global electronics Marketplace where anyone can buy and sell new and refurbished electronics with Cryptocurrencies. ElectroMarket is fully secure there’s no problem of malicious third parties skimming their card details.KYC verification is required to sell in our platform. Mobiles and Tablets, Computers and Accessories, Cameras and Photography and other gadgets available with worldwide shipping. We are accepting sellers from all countries, after verifying their account they can sell products with minimum commission. Sellers getting payment with USDT,Paypal or any alt coins and no need to worry about price problems. Shipping method depends on sellers but our exclusive products comes with free shipping and users can choose their preferred shipping method with extra cost. All products comes with manufacturer warranty and seller warranty. In case of return, user pays for return shipping and that also included in Refund. Buyer Protection is our main focus, we have 14 Days returns policy and buyer gets full payment shipping charge paid for return. Our customer support always available for help.


  1. Buyer gets cashback for each and every purchases .Cashback varies from 10–30% of the product amount, this makes customers paying less compare to other e-commerce platforms.
  2. We are introducing the Affiliate program on our platform with up to 10% payout per lead.
  3. We are also including Refer and Earn option with $5/refer. (All of these payouts paid with SIGN token)

BENEFITS TO TRON NETWORK: We are accepting Tron and Tron based tokens in ElectroMarket. We will add TRX and SEED,POPPY,BTT with our own payment gateway at the time of store launch and other tokens added based on community interest.

PROFIT MODEL: 1. Sales (5% of every sale) 2. Advertisement or In-site promotion. 3. Affiliate commission from big sellers. 4. Seller subscription.

Demo :


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Tron Signature Project is a bundle of projects that will be developed on Tron Blockchain which mainly focus on real life adoption for Tron Cryptocurrency.

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