The Hitchhikers

A tiny crab ransacks the sea grapes like a boss.

Five days after setting up my marine tank, there are no fish yet but several hitchhikers may have gone accustomed to their new home and started coming out from their hiding. I’m no longer staring at mere live rocks.

There are two crabs, at least. The smaller one burrowed itself under the pebbles while the bigger one has created four interconnecting tunnels under a live rock. From time to time, it would come out and ransack the sea grapes sitting near one of his tunnels. Sometimes, it would hold and spin a rock in front of its mouth like it’s munching on whatever food is present on its surface, but most of the time I believe it’s just imagining things or pretending to be eating just so I would watch.

A slipper lobster, that small caterpillar-looking one.

Four small slipper lobsters (or mantis shrimps, I’m not sure) made their presence known and slid back to their chosen holes.

A creepy spider-looking creature exposed five of its tentacles from a crevice between the rocks, grabbed a bunch of seaweeds and retreated back to his cave.

Tiny snails have been crawling around. And two tiny worm-like organisms with feather-like something on one end cling on the glass occasionally.

A one-legged snail. I’ll upload a video to show you why.

And then this big snail would push its shell forward until it hits itself on the end of the tank and start sucking it whatever is bizarre tongue catches on.

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