What Trends are Driving Digital Marketing Success in 2016?

Today is a world of technology. In the era of a techno savvy generation , there are different trends that are ruling out the world. While the year of 2015 seemed to be an year of video marketing , we can totally expect the coming year 2016 will be full of surprises and will prove out to be a smarter year all together with better and integrated digital strategy . While the world is shifting to a new technology and business plan every now and then , the world no longer sees digital as independent marketing discipline rather the market is more focused on an approach of digitally led business models. Various brands are planning to increase their investment in digital marketing with a vision of connecting both digital marketing and business revenue. So let us find out what will rule in the year of 2016?

According to the CEO and founder of digital marketing platform Other Levels , Brendan O’Kane there will be an amalgam of smarter machine learning and high content development to enhance the digital marketing performance this year. Already the market has witnessed a digital revolution but this year , digitalization will become a part of many marketing campaigns.

There has been a drastic change in the technology especially that concerning the mobile. There has been a revolution in the mobile market. The market has engaged the consumers for every second and hence customers are becoming more and more addicted to their devices. It is that on an average 25% of the total customers uses three different devices on a day. There can be ways in which marketers can get help to access information related to their customers by using platforms like Facebook who is keeping a watch at all the activities, search history, preferences, choice, etc.

Content will always remain the King. Right and precise content will rule the market. Customers will get attracted towards quality of content not the quantity. Marketers need to keep all their platforms loaded with up to date and relevant content all the time. The content should be presented in a way that it can bound the reader to read the article till the end and come back later for further updates. This means ‘writing english’ in articles & blogs would not suffice and you would need more meaningful content. Cross-channel strategies would be required to optimize content for each channel and distribute this in multiple formats while maintaining focus on the brand’s vision.

Analytics will also keep on forming an important part of the digital marketing. With analytical tools, it would not be possible to understand whether you are doing everything right and going in the correct direction. Only analytics will be able to explain if you have been able to attract the right kind of audience as per your goal as also been successful in keeping them interested in your Brand. Analytics will also help you find the right matrix for achieving your goal.