Ideas for Employee Recognition Awards

Custom awards and trophies have truly blossomed in popularity in recent years… and it’s very easy to see why! They’re very economical, easy to customize for any event or occasion and readily available in a trove of great styles and designs to choose from. They also offer numerous benefits and are perfect for individuals, groups and even businesses and private associations.

Corporate awards, in particular, are great ideas nowadays thanks to their affordability and many positive benefits. Custom employee recognition awards and trophies are an especially great idea for businesses of all sizes and sectors. They’re ideal for just about any type of special event or occasion in the workplace, are simple to customize and offer some very positive benefits like boosting morale, cutting the turnover rate and encouraging innovation, creativity and productivity. They’re also available in a rich array of styles and designs to choose from and are perfect for individuals as well as groups of all sizes. All in all, they offer an excellent way to celebrate just about any occasion or event in the workplace today!

But that begs the question of, which events and occasions are they useful for? This guide is intended to offer up a few suggestions as to when custom employee recognition awards are useful in the workplace and hopefully offer up some ideas for what types of custom awards and trophies to use as well.

Congratulating Employees on Promotions

Custom employee recognition awards and trophies are a fantastic way to congratulate employees on receiving a well earned promotion. They offer a tangible, unique and memorable way to do just that, boosting the morale of all employees in the process and increasing the retention rate. Many types of custom awards and trophies work well for this occasion, especially traditional trophies, plaques and crystal awards.

Celebrating Work Anniversaries or Retirements

Another great idea for custom recognition awards in the workplace is celebrating work anniversaries and retirements. It’s a fun and memorable way to let employees know your recognize and appreciate their efforts and hard work. A number of types of awards and trophies can be used for this event, especially custom years of service awards.

Spotlighting Individual Employees

In addition, custom employee recognition awards and trophies are a great way to spotlight the hard work and contributions of individual employees in the workplace to let them specifically know their appreciated, especially if they’ve just completed a major project or exceeded a specific goal. Plaques, trophy cups and traditional trophies all work very well for this particular occasion.

Highlighting the Contributions of Teams of Employees

Likewise, custom corporate awards are also great for thanking teams of employees on special event and occasions, such as exceeding a quarterly sales goal or landing a major client. Plaques, ribbons, medals, acrylic awards and many other types of custom awards all work well here.

Thanking Employees Who Perform Charity or Volunteer Work

Another great idea is to thank employees who perform charity or volunteer work, with plaques and medals being especially great choices for custom awards.

Welcoming New Hires

Last but certainly not least, custom employee recognition trophies and awards are a fantastic way to welcome new hires to a company. Certificates, medals, ribbons and plaques are all fantastic for this special occasion.