Chapter 3 — Finished projects & What have people said about the cohorts?

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Finished Projects

Here is a list of the finished projects from the Chingu ecosystem. We have new finished team projects coming in every week so check back every so often to see updates. If you like it, feel free to give the repo a star :)

Here are comments people have left on exit surveys about their cohort experience:

(you’ll notice that not every comment is positive. The cohorts aren’t perfect and we don’t pretend they are. We are continuously learning and finding new ways to make the experience better for everyone)

The people, the projects, the feedback, and FUN!

I’m enjoying it so much! I refuse to leave :) so many great people from all around the world, so many ideas flowing around! and then the projects are made together with other guys and even finished from time to time ;)

I think it’s motivating to see other coders get excited. I had been bouncing around a couple React tutorials but I finally got started on my data vis projects because I decided to join in on the speed runs!

Things I liked most about the cohort:

1. Everyone I interacted with was friendly, cool, open, and eager to learn/work together

2. Being grouped with coders who had pretty similar skill levels. Nice job with the algorithm!

3. Having the option to participate in a structured Team Project and an Accountability Partnership.

4. Having the freedom & flexibility to shape the cohort to what worked for us (Slack channels, study groups, etc.)

I was able to connect with people that have every similar goals at a common starting point — ex, I am currently meeting with a couple of people for discussion about the FCC algorithms, CS50, and have an accelerated reading group of YDKJS that meets for discussion, to create reflection prompts, and to find exercises to practice our new JS skills together. Also, my accountability buddy and pair programming partners are both really great people! projects and the guidance of our project manager Periklis! And working with friendly and motivated people who share the same goals.

The Uprooting of the project ideas.

Gamedev Project is awesome! My first real-life experience in a collaborative project, yay!!

It’s very well organized. It’s noticeable that the organizers are constantly busy and trying to improve Chingu.

Initially I found pair-programming quite difficult, but after three sessions it was very fun. I thanks hogethedog for that, he always was the first to ask me if I wanted to program every week. I do have a small regret, is not taking on a more active role in groups, as without a clear leader it seemed difficult to move forward.

Nothing has motivated me more then being surrounded by people who share my goals. I really enjoy the number of challenges available too. They make me want to leave my comfort zone and feel more like a privilege rather then a burden. It really does take one month to get a feel for how to navigate this zoo. Before I was occupied with the sheer amounts of resources funneling through the channels but now I’m able to focus on the challenges I signed up for and the people working along with me! Thank you!

Being in the cohort itself was a great privilege. A BIG THANK YOU.

The group projects are great, but some struggle with focus.

I’ve loved being surrounded by a community who wants to help each other out :) My favorite part is reading the weekly newsletter and seeing people get hired. It makes me feel inspired to work harder and to know that it is possible in the near future to transition into a tech career as a developer.

Really enjoyed the projects and pairing up of like-minded folks. As the main group quietens down, the focus really turns on these

Activities and smaller groups. Would love to see as many of these kinds of sign-up-if-you’re-interested opportunities as possible! Suggestion. I know people can always DM you but maybe there could be some formal way to indicate if you’re still looking to get involved in the cohort opportunities at any stage. For example, such scenarios as your pair programming buddy can’t do it anymore, or your build to learn team never gets off the ground / dies for whatever reason. It seems a real shame for people to miss out on these activities through no fault of their own, get demoralized and fade away as they can’t take part in some of the most valuable opportunities the cohort offers. I worry that those in the cohort who had a negative experience like this won’t come back and try another one. Maybe a difficult problem to solve since the cohorts are only 5 weeks long, and the build to learn project can take all 5 weeks, but perhaps there could be a ‘check in point’ after a couple of weeks? Or could there be designated volunteers from other cohorts responsible for checking in with the cohort on this topic and trying to resolve these kinds of situations? One more suggestion: Without knowing quite how much work goes into prepping the various pairs and teams, would there be any chance of publishing these and letting people get started any sooner vs. a week into what’s already a relatively brief cohort?

Regardless: This has been a great experience and I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue it!

I love the kind people who are always ready to help. I also learned a lot from the bot project I did with two others, I learned a lot from checking their code.

I liked the fact that I was working with a team and started working together, remotely, via brainstorming and coming up with concepts for the bot splash page and even thoughts of working on the backend (although I for one was not ready as of yet for the latter). Being able to talk via public or DM with likeminded coders gave me a purpose to keep going with this, despite obstacles that may come my way. It’s free, yet may be more powerful than these “other” Bootcamps that are out there charging ridiculous prices. Another thing I really liked was receiving recognition for something I created, although it was incomplete. It gave me such a level up in continuing what I’ve started, and helps to encourage others to do the same.

I enjoyed the idea of group programming but we didn’t manage to get far with the project — so I would like to be with a new team of people to do some project work.

Working on projects I knew nothing about before.

Pair programming — Finding/talking to people that were working on the exact same FCC challenge I was on —

projects — The absolute best thing is working together in remote teams. I really feel like a “real” dev working as part of a team.

I like the weekly newsletters!

Unexpected invitation to join project team after not initially signing up for more projects/activities.

Getting to meet people with similar interests and goals who are motivated and dedicated to learning.

the opportunity to be among like minded people, I feel not alone when I learn to code. I have friendly friends who can answered my code questions.

The whole part of being a cohortian in itself was a pleasure for me. It’s sad that I missed deadlines because of my other high priority stuff but in the next cohort I will surely give my 100%and would learn much more. Overall it was nice experience and meeting new people was cherry on the cake for me

Game dev!! :)

I really appreciated to read other people stories and share mine as well. It gave a me the feeling I’m not an impostor, instead I’m special just as everyone is special!

idk, its just awesome Chance. i cant imagine the time you spend on this. thanks!

My first cohort was pretty nervewracking but seeing others struggle and being able to both get help and help was great and I want to do more!

I enjoyed everything but best was team projects!

I started a writing group with another coder on there… strangely maybe the most fruitful thing I’ve done in spite of this being a coding exercise. I guess one of the fringe benefits of this is it’s a bunch of ambitious people trying to nail themselves to a wall, to put effort towards improving their lives in a LOT of ways, not just coding

Through Chingu, I’ve been able to easily find like-minded, equally passionate developers with whom I can collaborate, chat and sometimes commiserate. That alone is a great asset. I feel that much more motivated and inspired, having come in contact with and been able to collaborate with so many kind and driven individuals who love programming and tech as much as I do!

I really like the opportunity to work in a remote dev team on actual projects. The experience I believe is very valuable.

People from different races, religions, backgrounds, etc. come together and help each other to achieve something together, regardless of what ‘stereotypes’ might separate them. It’s amazing to see and participate in the process.

Pair programming! All projects are really useful.

I enjoyed the collaboration in the build to learn project. I also like that there was an opportunity to work on real life non-profit projects

The game project was awesome, super fun to really work as a team!

I enjoyed the discussion in chingu central. I liked that people would come up with new ideas and put them in action fairly quickly like gamedev and speedruns.

The accountability buddies was very useful! We also had a slack channel called daily-logs which was a general accountability group of sorts. Through the encouragement of others, I was more motivated to write/blog on a consistent basis, something I have been struggling with for a while, so I very much appreciated the support.

I love the interaction that happens within the slack channels.

Learning to work in a group is great and learning skills from others

I create a group to learn React Native. It was amazing see them getting started. Now, I need to figure out how to keep them work together :)

The understanding of time and schedule

team projects

I like the 2 person teams for the build to learn projects

I am submitting this form again simply because I wanted to change hours spent coding per week… Hope that’s OK. :)

I have my first team project here and it is awesome! From the planning, dividing tasks between team members, and coding it together is a great experience. All the cohort members are kind and shared a lot of info as well. Overall, for me, Chingu is a great place to meet awesome and kind programmers as well as the chance to participate on interesting team projects.

Constant motivation and inspiration from complete strangers that are always eager to help in any way they can. The feeling of being apart of something big and that I am encouraged to join in on things and contribute even when I am not proficient.

EVERYTHING! Greatest experience of my life!

The opportunity to build projects and the coding challenges. It increased my confidence to build.

I liked the lion bot and trying to make sprites on the fly

Reading through feedback showcase and Dev help channels

I like having like minded people around me to share experiences and learnings!

I’ve really enjoyed the accountability buddy and working through the ydkjs guides

Thank you so much for offering this. Although I was not extremely active because I feel that I need to learn more, I appreciate being part of a larger community where I can ask questions and so on. I’m a Genesis WordPress developer and learning much about customization right now, then PHP … where I am stuck in the FCC is in functional programming — I can complete the assignments using loops but would really like to level up in this area to get going again. Each assignment it seems is taking a long time due to having to research so much. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m still serious about this, still coding … and really would like a break-through. :)

Well I believe I already shared with you what I believe about the cohorts and why I find it something amazing to experience as a developer and as a person :p. But if I have to add anything else is that the whole community indeed becomes like a family and it’s hard to quit after 5 weeks :p.

Team projects. Collaboration experience!

The thing I enjoyed most is watching people accomplish their goals, big or small. That motivates me to do more.


The efforts that people are making, to make this work is incredible, it’s a great cohort t be in, hopefully I can also contribute in the future.

Everything is amazing, really Good !!

The best thing was being part of an active coding community that was focused and limited in number. because everyone joined groups, everyone sort of became ‘known’ so I didn’t see a any of that random trolling or “I know more than you and I know the truth” types. I got to complete one project with a team and I learned a lot in that one experience. Working across time zones and diverse experience/interest was really interesting and I look forward to improving to more opportunities and honing those remote dev skills. Other teams were not so successful but It was still a valuable experience my favorite part about the last cohort was finding a pair programming friend…I hope to continue on with him.

I’ve enjoyed the fact that we’re constantly changing cohorts, meaning we have the opportunity to interact with other people

This was a wonderful experience had many great aspects. I enjoyed being part of a group of friendly people with similar goal to mine. I especially liked the resource sharing channel, and the opportunity to see other people’s projects. Also, I enjoyed the pair programming experience. In general, being in a cohort helped me stay motivated and kept me on track.

Oh, there’s a lot. First — momentum project. We haven’t finished it yet, but honestly I’ve been using it for over a week, and we could’ve put it in a chrome store already, but we keep polishing features or adding some small upgrades. I have improved a lot during this project. We decided to do it in React to learn it, and while I’m no expert I think I have a solid grasp of React’s basics. I also got a great practice using git and github. And it’s a huge satisfaction to create something that I enjoy myself. Second — p1xtstudygroup. This one is a bit weird, because on the outside nothing big happened in this group. There was no huge initiative, no regular meeting, nothing like that, it seemed somewhat quiet and inactive, but I really enjoyed just staying in that channel. I guess there’s no point in expecting some outstanding activity, because we all learn at different paces, have a different amount of time to dedicate, and life keeps getting in the way. Also, any kind of additional activity often looks like a distraction from the guide that we religiously follow, so I understand the hesitation when it comes to some time consuming ideas. But still, I did find a pair programming partner there, and even tho we didn’t build anything that big, I think I finally really understood the idea of combining promises and generators. I also found a partner for another project Third — Chingu-central is a really fun place. And useful. I don’t know how many hours of mindless googling I have saved by simply asking a question there. Hope this gibberish will be useful to you in any way. And thank you for organizing all this stuff — I can;’ imagine how much time and effort it requires from you.

The camaraderie and depth of people’s experiences

Great accountability partners, great help when needed

People encouraging each other, supportive community.

The help between everyone and that even if someone isn’t fully active when they need help theres always someone there to help.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to help out with a group project.

setting up the github page for the cohort was a fun experience, got to learn a little but of how git works with a group project, had

my first pairprogramming experience, so many gifs!!

People histories and sharing resources.

I enjoyed working on the real life app project like Momentum. Taught me many git skills like creating git branches, pushing to repository, and all other features it comes to working in a group. Enjoyed it a lot.

I loved the group projects, and the introduction to pair programming

I especially enjoyed the resource-treasures and code-dev-help channels, and of course all the friendly and helpful people. I wish I had more time to get into the machine learning stuff, since that interests me. I’m following one of the P1xt guides, so at the moment, I’m occupied with CS50. The next couple of months my schedule is pretty open, so I will have more time to be active in the cohorts and will definitely get more into machine learning.

Having brilliant coders answer my coding issues as soon as I ask.

I really like how much progress was made since the very first cohort to this day! We should keep improving and put more focus on projects and grow the presence of Chingu on the web, I think we have a ton of talent to do it.

Group projects

Everything !

the sharing attitude of people

I love everything :)

great place to get information

Spontaneous projects and collaboration are my favorite parts of the Chingu experience.

I appreciate all the work everyone puts in. I really enjoyed working on the pair programming the most but unfortunately it seemed last time my partner was focused seemingly only on REACT and speeding through to a career path perhaps??? and also working full time or had other goals, where I desire to put in long hours, and fully understand the concepts more in-depth for my learning path. Also REACT is great, as is Python, ES6 or other languages but really seeking pair programming with people more interested in comphrehensive learning and conceptual understanding. Also including repeating tutorials and pair projects making them better, GitHub, BASH, VIM, Agile, Kanban, Project Management, servers, Linux, and Data Science and scraping are also high on my list.

I just enjoyed seeing other people win and then sharing it and making progress… that kind of visibility of other people’s success is very powerful and I found it quite motivating. Also, Thank you @chance… you were quite available to me and to others in the forum. Much appreciated, thank you for the work you’re doing; I wish I’d taken more advantage of it but I hope to do so in the future. :)

I loved the community, such an amazing group of people.

I like working with a group on a project.

I like being around people with similar interests. It provides a social aspect to coding projects.

The friendly atmosphere. It’s great to be around people who have similar goals. It’s inspiring and motivating.

First cohort was meerkats, spent most of my time trying to be friendly and active in the slack channels 5/5, second cohort was penguins and I spent most of that doing build to learn projects 5/5. would do it again 10/10.

Getting asked to help out an international non-profit and getting super helpful messages offering to help me out with code the best thing is I can post my project and get instant feedback from nice people

I really appreciated everybody was so keen in helping each other. In the period between the cohorts, I will try to spend some more

time in Chingu Central, as I was not checking it regularly while spending my time in Belugas. Maybe the best things were the

awesome resources shared (and put on Trello and GitHub pages) and team projects — I’m hoping to catch up with those in the next cohort.

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