What Makes You Limp?

Have you noticed that the male enhancement spam seems to have gone limp?

Could it be that Pfizer (Viagra) and Lilly (Cialis) have taken the steam out of the small dicked spammers by taking the mighty erection battle to prime time? Hard to get your spam up when the competition is acting like John Holmes.

Porn spammers seem to have it rough too. I got this gem this morning with the subject heading: Charming Older Moms. The body of the email was this: Ugly Old Mothers. Link. New database.

So are they charming or old? Have porn spammers been reduced to making us question whether they are sending us sexy mature pics or hideous mature pics? Tell me the truth, did you click on the Link? You wanted sexy? Hideous? Human nature caught in the existential mouse click dilemma — To Click or Not To Click. Here is the Link again in case you didn’t click it the first time. I mean I bet by the time you finish this you will have clicked on the Link. Why? Because I’m not a big pharmaceutical. Link. I’m not a spammer. You are dying of curiosity. Link.

And you trust me. Uncle Wanker wouldn’t give me a virus. Hell, he’s using Medium, he can’t be that tech savvy. Link. Is the older mature woman Charming or Ugly? Both? Wouldn’t it be nice to have rubbers for our links? So you could click on them and not suffer any of the consequences. If you put a link to me on some other Social Media, I’m not promising anything other than fucking with you and your friends.

Actually there is one thing I know if you succumbed to clicking on any of my links — you like older women and that would make you a literal mother fucker. Link.

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