Welcome to my honest kitchen.

Craving a taste of the tropics in cake format? Look no further.

For the sake of my time and sanity, please refer to the recipe below. I will add relevant storyline or commentary per international cooking blog guidelines later.


Back from my hiatus due to popular demand *crickets* this article will outline some tips I have come across this past year that I have incorporated into my wfh regimen.

Many of our cities have opened up partially, but many corporate offices have remained closed. You may remember FAAMG stating no expectations to return anytime soon to those cool-looking buildings techies go to for like 10 hours every weekday. Remote work is now the norm in the tech industry, as its not only practical but cost-efficient and easily scalable. …

Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends? Why can’t we be friends?

As the title suggests, and case studies point to, business and IT have not been functioning well together in many organizations. Tech projects tend to be over budget, overdue, and completely missing the necessary scope. Why is this the case? Well, there is a real gap between the two, no matter what industry, including tech itself. It’s a pretty crazy phenomena. I should know, I work in IT at almost Big Tech.

Exhibit A: Cyberpunk 2077. The New York Times, laid out this tragedy of…

Thank you to my model George aka 旅行パンダ

Since I didn’t get around to doing a travel blog, as I was trying to enjoy my time living in one of the most popular travel destinations, in this piece I will reflect on some learnings that is suitable to those that will live in Japan for an extended period of time.

I lived in Japan for just under a year, residing in the university’s dormitory and living in the city for the last few months. My time in Japan was just as exciting as it was exhausting. There’s always something to do and see, and Tokyo basically never sleeps…

Welcome to my honest kitchen.

No. You’re not looking at a chocolate crêpe.

納豆。Pronounced nattō, a product hailing from Japan, is a handful of fermented soy beans — meant beans grown and raised as soy. The farmer takes great effort to cultivate the farm.

Sorry about that last part, my sister hijacked my computer... I figured I’d just keep it in!

Anyways, I came across this product in the local grocery store, mine being the マイバスケット next to my dormitory, during my time on exchange in Japan. A three pack for a mere ¥15. Equivalent to a nickel! I was curious as to what the package entailed. …

Who and where will Canadians be in the next century?

A bit of background

I spent much of my childhood with my nose in textbooks. In high school I read much about the travels of the Europeans to the new world that is the Americas and the environmental destruction, genocides, slavery, wars, and exploitation that followed. Except it wasn’t as dark as I quite simply described it, it was painted with glory, quite literally.

When I learned about the true history of Canada’s Indigenous population, in third year of university, I felt deceived and cheated out of the true history…

Working in an Agile environment? Think again.

Are these people outputs of Agile or running away from the impending declaration of Agile as the superior project management methodology?

This past year I had the opportunity to work as a Certified (my certification here) ScrumMaster (Is “Master” still appropiate? View the most recent discussion here) with a software development team maintaining an e-commerce platform for one of my company’s customer base.

There have been a quite bit of learning moments throughout the whole journey, from the implementation of new features, to addressing and fixing bugs, overhauling our product to the cloud, all while dealing with the pandemic, transitioning to remote work, navigating the work culture, and dealing with departmental reorganizations.

The focus…

Warning Sign by Fisheries and Ocean Canada circa October 2020

Per request of my sister, I’m here to inform you of local environmental news.

Upon closer inspection of an international search engine, news about this was reported earlier in August by the Vancouver Sun. The article titled, “Fishery officers worried about rise in shellfish poaching on busy beaches” rather than something like, “Fisheries and Oceans Canada Cracking Down on Shellfish-y Business” highlighted a brief interview with Art, short for Arthur, Demsky who stated that “It’s very, very dangerous,” which he promptly followed up with “I’m very concerned someone could die.” …

Welcome to my honest kitchen.

Many of us have picked up passion projects during the pandemic. For the period of the past six months, I decided to dedicate my time to perfecting the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It all started with going down the rabbit-hole of cooking videos on YouTube, more specifically Epicurious’ “4 levels of (insert food)”. This video, is what sparked my interest, or rather, my hunger for chocolate chip cookies during the lockdown. …

Today we will be answering the question: “Does team work really make the dream work?” 🤔

Group projects. The bane of some students’ existence. Some might say they were established to imitate our instinctual herd survival. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Honestly. How else would my group’s pretend business pitch to Netflix Canada, on implementing an additional service dedicated to sports streaming (mainly hockey), have won over the professor and scored us a solid A-? I certainly couldn’t come up with any of that by myself. …

Rojina Sar Salari

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