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Warning Sign by Fisheries and Ocean Canada circa October 2020

Per request of my sister, I’m here to inform you of local environmental news.

Upon closer inspection of an international search engine, news about this was reported earlier in August by the Vancouver Sun. …

Welcome to my honest kitchen.

Many of us have picked up passion projects during the pandemic. For the period of the past six months, I decided to dedicate my time to perfecting the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It all started with going down the rabbit-hole of cooking videos on YouTube, more specifically Epicurious’ “4 levels of (insert food)”.

Today we will be answering the question: “Does team work really make the dream work?” 🤔

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Group projects. The bane of some students’ existence. Some might say they were established to imitate our instinctual herd survival. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Honestly. How else would my group’s pretend business pitch to Netflix Canada, on implementing an additional service dedicated to sports streaming (mainly hockey), have won over the professor and scored us a solid A-? …


Rojina Sar Salari

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