Dreams Toolbox

There’s GIT, Bitbucket or on premise
Secured your code will be with each
MongoDB, Postgres or Redis
If speed is what you aim to reach

There countless gems to back your Rails code
And packages for NodeJs
With Slack you’ll reach your team while abroad
With Google Hangouts you can teach

On Twitter you will share your wisdom
In no more than max chars can do
On Face you’ll listen to your client
While they adore, complain to you

It’s all worth while just wait and listen
In case you missed it until now
You will prevail another mile
He who has dared will see his dreams go WOW

Hi there,
Hope you like my new creation. I will really appreciate if you be so kind and help me reach a greater audience so please share. If you find a grammar issue i would love to hear and learn from it as english is my 3rd language.