5 Reasons Why You Should Start Making Your Coffee at Home

Michelle Trott
4 min readApr 10, 2018
Who doesn’t love a steaming Cup o’ Joe in the morning?

Waking up in the morning can be hard, especially if you’re a full time student or work a 9–5. If you’re like me, one of the only things that can properly wake you up is the sweet aroma of a steaming, hot cup of coffee. But that daily Dunkin’ run can start to add a major dent in your wallet and, if you opt for the sugar-filled lattes or frappuccinos, an expanding of your waistline. I’m here to tell you that there is a way to get past your morning grogginess and it’s by making your coffee at home. Making your own coffee has a myriad of benefits, so below I’m sharing with you the advantages that I have gained ever since I started brewing my own Cup O’ Joe every morning.

You Will Save Time

Admit it, you’ve probably hit the snooze button one or two times and woke up in a mad dash to get to work on time. Unfortunately, that requires you to sacrifice a few “unnecessary” steps, such as your coffee pit-stop, leaving you to settle for the dreary taste of your office coffee *yuck*. But, this can all be avoided if you make coffee at home. If you use a Keurig coffee maker and have your own creamer, you can have your favorite cup of coffee ready in 2 minutes! Just put the pod in while you’re brushing your teeth and it will be ready by the time you’re done.

Or if you have a coffee maker, most of them have the option to brew in advance. Simply set the time you want it brewed and add the coffee grinds the night before and you’ll be able to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning.

Jump-start your morning with a homemade caffeine rush!

You Will Establish a Rewarding Morning Routine

Mornings are tough and nothing can screw up your daily productivity like and unorganized wake-up routine. This is something that I struggled with but I found that by having a routine that started with making my own coffee I had something to look forward too and became more motivated to wake up than hit the snooze button. Soon, muscle memory made it easier for me to wake up in the early hours and gave me enough time to efficiently ‘wake up’ before my busy day at work.

You Will Save Money

This fact is a given, especially if you’re daily coffee runs end at Starbucks. But coffee shop Joe is expensive! One 16oz cup of regular coffee at Starbucks costs $2.10, now multiply that by 5 days of the week. Ten dollars a week for coffee may not seem that bad until you realize that a 34oz can of coffee grinds costs $8, meaning that one cup of coffee would cost 8 cents if you make it at home!! That’s amazing!! Don’t believe me? Do the math yourself: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/07/22/coffee-prices-starbucks-cost/12991971/

French Press Oo La La!

It’s Trendy!

Besides being delicious and energizing, coffee has become a trendy product in current society. We’ve all been guilty of posting our fancy lattes on social media, but homemade coffee can be just as visually appealing as the store made ones!

French presses have been gaining more popularity due to their single-serving convenience and their cool sleek design. I guarantee if you buy a French press, you’ll instantly feel 10x cooler (at least I did). The cost of a French press is around $20-$50, depending on how fancy you want to go. That alone is way cheaper than a Keurig coffee maker which retails anywhere from $80-$200! And don’t forget how expensive and environmentally harmful those little coffee pods are! Plus, a French press is super easy to use. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and let it steep for 4–6 minutes. Presto! A gourmet cup of coffee is now at your finger tips.

It’s the Lower-Calorie Option!

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or try to make healthy choices throughout your day, store made coffee is trying to sabotage your health efforts! Coffee in general is very low in calories, with the average plain brewed cup coming out to 6 calories. But once you start adding double pumps of French vanilla syrup (20 calories) and heavy cream (50 calories per Tbsp), you’ll start to feel a pulling in your waistline. Brewing coffee at home will take away the ambiguity and put you in control of your nutritional intake, allowing you to physically see what you’re putting in your coffee every day.