This is a very good question which lies at one crucial hub of change.
Mike Meyer

Advertising is only a piece of who we are as human beings. As long as people have senses this connection will be here. Bad business has to do away with good business as it cannot compete with the long term effects of good business interactions. Good business like good customer service puts the interaction in the forefront. This is what we want and need in our world today. Consumer power and people can change this once they are aware of knowing something better.

We know better, it is the action not the words that make the difference. This is not just for the consumer but for the entire spectrum that exists to bring us goods. Notice the word Goods here.

What is left out in this time we live in is the social interaction the past had with hands on contact with the supply chain. We are driving the individual into isolation and the lack of human contact. Checks and balances occurred in this personal interaction in the past. Be nice or you won’t get any goodies attitude. This one on one at time of purchase or interaction made us more civil during the exchange and boosted the quality of goods and the interaction. Trust was built and even during hardships or mistakes things were remedied at the time not leading to the buildup of bad business. Hands on is a fact.

Bad business depends upon the layers of interactions through the supply chain to not be held responsible or accountable. The ability to try it before you buy it does not exist with mail order or internet interactions.

This perpetuates fake goods, supply chains, businesses, ETC.

Good business is the show me I show you at the point of interaction. We need real.

It is difficult to prove intent, unless there is no attempt being made to correct the reasonable dissatisfaction.

The social connection is what has driven most business in the past not just the need for goods.

There are many things from the past that were done right and need to be perpetuated in the present for the future.

Buyer beware of forced business.

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