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Any intelligent person would say we are mostly responsible for the pollution on this planet. Can we hear a 50/50 consensus to work from? Now let us get back to the task at hand to save ourselves and this planet. Finger pointing has done nothing to alleviate the issues at hand.

We can use our intelligence and technology to resolve these issues working together. The entire world has and is addressing these issues we are living with every day.

There is no plausible deniability.

Let us apply what else is possible. We do not have the time to waste while the walls and blockades go up to distract away from responsibility or to give credit.

We have already stated in one loud voice to our leaders to get passed this infancy and work together as this is needed as we are working local level up with transparency.

This is the interactive world we live with.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”