It is amazing how fast the media managed to bury this.
Mike Meyer

Change: We have come to this through the system of communications and media perpetuating a closed loop of articles and statistics to control and manipulate the masses. Conspiracies are the norm and through our real life interactions on a local level we can see how they affect us all as we mostly know how and why they are created.

For the most part it is how we label and stereo type things and people that is the driving force of consideration. We have a shared responsibility as to what words, articles and media we are supporting and sharing.

People are people and we all matter yet that is not the narrative that has been or is being presented. It is time to level up. We cannot separate this interactive world we live with. We focus on the little annoyances when we have real big issues we need to tackle to survive. No matter how we feel about it we are in this together.

The thought that humans are a superior race when we are destroying and perpetuating doom to the very world we need to live can be used as a fact and proof that these are everyday occurrences threaded together and not singularities. What has happened in the past is the present and will continue to happen in the future if we cannot adapt to meet the transition of transparency. There are no secrets so let us not be silenced.

We are here, we are not alone and will get through this together.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”