Don’t Be Surprised When Your Employees Quit
Jack Altman

I agree in that critical forward thinking is needed as many leave because they cannot afford to work there anymore. The false value systems and that mentality need to be addressed. If the business does not have a do better attitude that engages and is interactive from the bottom up a mass exodus can occur. Trust is earned and management is the key to any business. Transparency now exists because of technology and businesses are going to adapt as are humans to a more open environment.

What happens when the math is not done with common sense? The factor can be an ego so recalculate worth, value and what it will really cost as all companies are built on human to human connections and their greatest resource is human. Be on the same page when it comes to standards.

The quantifying of experiences of management or boss thinks of the staff as expendable the staff will see it the other way around as well. Gratitude can also go in both directions and words are not enough, but it can help.

Retention in any business is important. Employee, customer, management and the boss laying it on management when they are making the direct decisions holding back the authorization of retention and this is truly the inside force at work of bad business.

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