A well crafted memo to imaginary Republicans
Mike Meyer

I do not know if it is new or not. It may be a way of an ancient system that is still here holding the world we live in together. The most ancient code of human kind and it is interactive and interwoven into all life and nature. The understanding that we are a part of everything everywhere and are interactive. We are not alone.

Maybe once again being humbled by the world I live in I am left with the acceptance of my humanity. I have a belief what was here before us was a given for us to be apart of and to work with not for, or against.

My word for this vision of the past is our “Persistory”. People are people and by having open mind of no judgement can look upon the past without bias to learn from it. Out of need working together to maintain and support life. The caretakers we were meant to be out of need will come forward. Inclusive and in fact not separate.

We are still in our infancy as humans. The new narrative will be a reflection into the future of sustainability “if” we do not destroy our selves first.