I’m all for heavenly moments with the homies, Jill.

I have been there, done that, living with it, living in it, learning from it and moving forward.

Life it is what it is, so is death. I do not now, nor did I ever mean disrespect in my communications.

I acknowledge how bad things really are. I am not of privilege. I was born into this doom, gloom and of conflict. I feel no need to add to it. I will not attempt to justify what is happening in the world of the past or today because my mind can barely fathom the reasoning if there is any.

I will never forget and I am grateful to those who have and are serving to give me this freedom to communicate with you and others throughout the world. Many, way too many were and are my family members and friends. The price and sacrifices that have been made rip my heart to its core.

I honor my memories of those who have passed. I have to look now to the living as they are still in need of our support and solutions.

I will share my spark and attempt to pay it forward as they have done for me and are still doing.

I cannot give up, so I encourage people to do the same as that is how I was raised, taught and conditioned since birth. I validate.

I will look and always find a point of light to work from or towards.

I may have brain damage, depression and PTSD, but have not lost my humanity or willingness to help. I am just one survivor reaching out to interact with the many to find a way to what else is possible for life.

Not a robot.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”