I just thought I would let you know that my digest is limited by what is sent to me by e-mail, mail or phone.

I would love to hear something other than politics, religion, sex, war or the schemes in place to capture my attention.

Hey I saw a monarch butterfly today. I also saw a few hummingbirds and bees. I saw the lizard again today doing his daily pushups on the truck of the old Lantanna across from the stoop.

I would really like to find and or start, reading and hearing what real people are seeing and interacting with in their everyday lives. I miss personalized communications.

I miss my Mom who recently died and our dialog, our most everyday e-mails and a phone call that made our lives a bit better.

I would tell her about whatever I thought, felt or the interactions I had. While she was alive I had a chance to ask what do you think of that, or am I hearing you right in what you wrote or said?

It was whatever we wanted or needed to say with no judgement. I found our interactions interesting and they made my day as well as hers. We were thankful in the moment for what we had no matter the form or time of the communication.

We would always sign off with “I love you”.

As most can tell without having to have any insight I am still working through the grief process.

I still have the world just not my Mom in it. I still have her everlasting love and she will always have mine.

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