One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

I never have interacted on twitter. One by one I stopped interacting with most all my social accounts and have very little in business and use those sparingly.

I was disappointed that I was not receiving information about things I was interested in or wanted to be a part of because of over saturation across the media web that did not just trickle down to the social media it has taken over with forced content. This would include my personal, if there is such a thing emails.

Medium became my sanctuary and though I do have to interact with the internet I realize my back up works as we still have physical spaces we can go and interact in person one on one or with groups. Is this what our interactions with technology have been starving us of? I would say yes, as this placebo and does not create the bonds necessary of building a real network, business or private life that we need to connect to and the interface is full of filtering and interference.

Things do change and that includes behavior and when the only thing available to us is poison we should bite the hand feeding it to us.

The internet depends on these interactions and that is people. Realizing you have the power to change your own direction is what is important. This is where innovation and old school learning comes into play.

Yes, we need the interface of technology as it is hardwired into our lives so there is a need to use it, not be consumed by it.

It is time to get outdoors and do realities check? Stop being fed the false information as if you cannot tell the difference.

We are still alive and communicating. This would give us some hope of free speech and expression still existing somewhere in the world. When the power goes out we remember the old ways of hands on and adapt to the situation.

There is hope as what we are talking about is temporary and again change is occurring.

I love live, real hands on, S.T.E.A.M applications. I have emotional memories made of personal interactions. This is what this tool cannot give us, but it has given us a way to get there. It is a tool and requires interaction with the human element. Priorities are what we make of them.

Love will conquer as we step back over the line to see and question where the line was crossed and learn to distinguish real from virtual once again. We will make a space if one is not provided and have the tools and people to do so.

This is what innovation means and we do not need to be shackled to what exist as we can create. The middle 360 gives us more freedom to use core and change with flexibility in individualized personalized service programming. The future is customization just as the past has been because one size does not fit all. Time to say we do not accept the whole package mentality.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”