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Interesting, that is a thought and a thought perpetuating judgement. I will leave you to assess and address what I hear was written in this article and hope you learn from it.

Usually the all or nothing statements are not true. Most all of us are in different stages of development. Over time we take different roles. We are whole persons in this world of experimentation. We are conditioned to compare and some to judge without fact based reasoning. To create our unique perception and understanding of an interactive world takes an open mind to learn in that moment. To see, hear and feel options that are not given at that point in time of us or others living it.

We can be forward thinking humans. Breaking a pattern or habit of a consistent nature or behavior can change not only yourself, but the world we interact with.

It is what it is in the moment and is situational. To create and spread free thought, look at the people in our world as survivors. Take a position of the small medium and large picture into account. Use the imagination given us.

It is a very difficult challenge given that we are trained as critical thinkers thus limiting our knowledge and interactivity with the world.

We need to move passed a fear based society with open mind to learn and make better choices. Moving us passed the emotional memories our individual reality has been based on is one of the biggest challenges.

Together moving forward to save ourselves, the world and beyond. We are not alone and here to support one another.

Being brought up by this doomsday mentality of the past and since birth that only accepted the worst case scenario as an option, we have given thought to a different vision of a good thought to work from. It is of a real hope as an option not given.

Keep communicating, reading, writing and interacting. Remember what we feed will grow.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”