A Nation Shackled by the Past
Michael Stubel

It is all a business to sell many things using human emotion and fear to profit. Like any business, not really about the hate, heritage or being a part of something bigger than yourself. It is not even about survival. It is about creating a culture to feed or profit off of.

Many stand on either side or both selling T-shirts, literature, songbooks you name they have it. It is not just monetary they will barter, trade and this includes the use of human and other life forms.

The one thing most people have not yet really done is the math. I believe the cost has been too high and out of need change is occurring and in motion.

I think it is time to question what you think you are fighting for or about, as we are all sharing in the consequences.

The warrior is not just a warrior but a whole person who will re-purpose themselves to create peace or in times of peace. That is wisdom!

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