More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked
Jeff Kao

It is all top down and controlled at this point and time. We know this is going on in our transparency. We also know not to believe any statics, graphs, algorithms or said research. The bots and tools used to recreate human interaction by just adding plus or minus words of a social interaction of AI are just a part of the power structures machine. It is what it is, the monopoly that owns and operates the existing systems throughout the world of communication, technology and media functions.

It is just a thought of the freedom the internet was to provide and the tool was not just to observe but manipulate, influence and control.

The reality still exists as we check ourselves and question it all.

We have crossed the line to the point of no trust and must reestablish source lines from the ground up in communications as this is where the reality lives and personal one on one communications, contacts and interactions can occur and be verified.

I looked at the graph above and it looks the same as every confidential or classified document every released to the public where information that is blacked out or blocked in the name of world, national or personal security was misused in the filtration to hide truth. We believe that both sides of any interaction need to be transparent as source.

Welcome to our world of transparency built on experience and it will be a continuing platform to share through open access, open source that will continue to disconnect and reconnect through different forums to keep the peoples communications open and interactive in thread.

I do believe the message sent out to the existing power structures are plain and clear language that out of need, survival we no longer consider information or services provided as a trusted source and find the misuse of our personal identifying information, intellectual property, time and physical bodies a breach of what we hold the most dear, our freedom of choice, speech and expression.

I do not find these facts as frightening as doing nothing as an alternative to action. We will not support or feed to those who are continuing to perpetuate and feed to the fear.

We still are alive and communicating here so let us find what else is possible away from this use of the destructive path these systems were initially created for. The basics remain the same and we are finding more flexibility with each step forward we take in use and application to help solve and resolve issues the world is facing using our open mind to help in the transition.

The future is filled with awareness, exploration and opportunities of our time.

Save the internet, save the world and support the future.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”