An excellent discussion that is very relevant to where we will go to replace the current, failing…
Mike Meyer

It is what it is! Survival and need dictates the course of actions in any given situation. Environment is the limitation. The changing environment has brought about the need.

I do not agree that we do not have the capabilities to challenge the moral determinations. Or that we are not capable of the challenge of reform to the systems.

The illusion was a wall and technology and AI have given us the transparency to work and communicate across these distances in a way that was already present but not accepted. Now dependent on this interaction and technology we must use it in a responsible manner.

My experiences have repeatedly seen change in human behavior and an ability to adapt. Nature for the most part has done this as well.

The stereo types in fact do not hold. Out of need working with facts and real hands on experience have created the emotional bond needed to work together for life and survival?

We will work passed our moral injury using open mind. I have tested this theory in practice and though the past emotional memory existed I have focused on the future to override any prejudging. I am still working on this in practice and I am between moral injury and past trauma on the behavioral scale. The technique of open mind works.

The fact that we are having this communication is proof that humanity lives. That forgiveness is possible though we do not forget. This is a process and hard work. Life is participation and not optional.