I completely agree that we keep going, reading, writing and talking to get to the new narrative we…
Mike Meyer

Judging the past will cloud the issues. Working purple is about as broad as anyone can get. I am purple, black and white. I agree to create the new narrative I am looking at behavior change. If we continue to work in the past tense there is no forward. Unfortunately what has been done is in the past. I cannot change it or even the perception of it because it is already out to the public worldwide. Force went first which leads to an immediate stale mate or basically being stuck.

What has happened is the modification was not in place to deal with this administration. They obviously stole the play book from the past administrations not taking into account transparency as to the technology that is already out here and available to most anyone.

I am wired ass backwards according to some. Force for me is always the last resort. I have always worked with custom individualized or personalized programming. Not the mass production put out to the public, but I am always aware of it. The one size fits all does not work in the real word and still remains situational for me. The basics are the same but there is wiggle room.

The data and statistics are flawed. The restrictions, regulations and protocols changing are being made going the wrong direction as any intelligent reasonable person would know the past is dead and the world has changed. There is no going back as comforting as the thought may be for some. Some of the changes being made have been proven not to work.