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Looking at it, this is the problem and (A) systematic not touching on the actual issue. The issue is the system not what it offered up for all to see to detract the focus. This is a product of the past and is consistent in the present.

Given even if most of the statements, comments, and replies to this article are true, our focus on the fact that here in the USA we are still interacting with each other as a fact. This gives us an ability that may be lacking anywhere else in the world.

Do we see an ongoing pattern? Do we have an answer as there is no plausible deniability in this day and age of transparency? The individuals are a pattern within these systems. I do believe it is time to address the issues like adults and change or adapt? Here is a big yes.

It is time to stop feeding to the ego and self-fulfilling nature of these individuals. It is a shared responsibility that will affect most of us, as the perception may change the present and the future. Our systems are interactive and will be treated as such.

We may offer up a person or persons as a sacrifice to appease the audience, but this again will not address the true issue and will continue the ongoing pattern. The offering is useless and the waste of life. Most people of experience or knowledge will not believe the offering to be justified or correct.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”