Starting from the bottom, yes, I get the picture.
Mike Meyer

Looking at the world as a whole China has its own set of issues, as most do. There are no perfect systems. Truly our environment is the biggest issue as our leaders seem to be deaf to the world. Many are the same issues as in this world interactive we should choose to pick what applies individually and works for us as we share information open source as one size does not fit all. We are co-dependent at this point in many areas of development and in use of resources. We are allowed to have constructive criticism here in the US and differences of opinions openly shared as is responsibility, we need an open mind to the past.

Just maybe this planet will have a chance to survive. The question is will humans?

We picked a first do no harm platform to start and not build off of the destruction of the past. Most advancement in any area is made because we are truly looking to help and then many answers could be quantified to be used in different areas. This leads to better quality and innovation.

What concerns me is in research to be looking to see if we could survive without this planet? Let us take that option off the table for motivational reasons and put all our efforts to cleaning up this mess of our making.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”