Not a story but a summary to my PTSD.

Building up the immune system: Feeding the brain through real positive stimulation.

The concept coming through stigmata is potentially a key. Fear setting off the sensitivities in the brain affecting the body.

Slow natural growth creates the health needed to grow out of infancy and injury.

Force can cause growth but is painful and leaves scars. It reduces the ability to stretch for and in future growth.

Nurturing and allowing in increments to stretch during the growth can limit damage and harmful growth activities.

Reprograming in a controlled environment can be the most beneficial. To task train the brain in different responses, moving out of the worst case scenarios that caused the hypersensitivity.

Not being in a controlled environment may lead to an infiltration during the program or reprogramming. The infiltration will have to be addressed in an individual manner to adjust and correct it specifically.

Using the basics as a common thread in analysis should hold true the process of illumination, leaving the focus on the implementation of the task to adjust.

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local Support”