This is a well written article from Africa.
Mike Meyer

One selfless act by one person can change the world. Where did we put our common sense? Where is our humanity?

The military minds not built of experience or growth are not listening and learning. The price of undeniable wisdom is of those who have paid the cost so the rest of us could live and learn. May they rest in peace?

The world we live in and on is in crises.

Give us strength, guidance, and wisdom. Keep us on our path.

We will not forget the moral injuries and trauma as they are written into the fiber of our being.

We must look into the wounds of the earth and are fellow human kind and heal ourselves and help heal them. This is out of need we stay our course and make changes.

We accept the past with open mind because we cannot change it. It will not change the fact even if our perception of it has changed. We share the responsibility given and know we are not alone.

We will be present in this moment and grateful for what we have. We move forward together sharing, communicating from the bottom up. These are the boots on the ground all over the world.

Local Support and Citizen Science, STEM, ARTS, will expand with support. We bring CPRR to the world to supply and apply aid. Keep communicating and sharing.

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”