What A Reporter’s Job Is in 2017
Steven Levy

“Open mind” 360:2030

I would rather interact with a real human in person. Now I do sound bites, short stories or paragraphs. The blah, blah, blah of the matter, what choice do we have? There is another choice to the plus, minus, good or bad. It is what it is not just a perspective.

I read through the top part of your article and the headlines on the rest. We keep hashing out the numbers or polls, “lies” or talking about someone famous “Titles” this is called name dropping. We put in key words noting their many accomplishments so other people will take note and log on the feed. Is this all an attempt to make a name for one’ self or because we really have a message we would like to get out to the world we live in, maybe even change it.

We are in captivity. I can capture your attention by calling this a mystery, or taboo, or something we need to know as if our lives depend on it. This is pushing buttons and triggers. How about the claim I am with some agency, acclaimed group or stature even if you checked could you believe it to be true? We are all use these techniques and I can even claim at the end of this that it has gone viral and been seen all over the world. If I say so does it make it true? Fact check went out the window a long time ago. We do not even know what we know because most everything is done from a distance.

I am writing you from my home on my old key board to interact, or not interact. This is out of isolation and necessity to get out of my own head. Technology does have it’s plus side in moderation. I use to be out there doing in physical reality, that was truly life and hands on. Could I tell when something or someone was lying in the moment, no. I had to wait and see and did not know until things did work out, or not. I had my own senses to tell me what was going on. People were people and could be who ever they wanted to be around me and did. In the moment how would I know anyway. It did not really matter. As you have said it will be up to each of us to make up our own minds and act or not act on it. Most will not have this freedom of choice and will be forced as to what they say, do etc. because there are consequences.

I am attempting to reach out. Keep pushing the send button. We write, we read, we respond or not.

Do you listen to a complete stranger not knowing who, what, when, where, and without taking into account the “why”. Does it depend on the situation? After we lost trust because of betrayals and lies we may give another chance for survival, the absent of another alternative. How am I and what the heck would I know or have to say anyway.

Keep hitting the send button and be interactive even in real life, the physical world. Hope is within reach.