Finding Good News
C.J. Casper

“Open mind” 360:2030

Good article, people give into their time block. We have to deal with real issues and day to day life. This is reality. We as individuals are the truth. Medium was created to move forward from an already established over stuffed interactive fantasy world of the web. Every site we erect gets crammed full and boundaries are set from the top taking algorithms charted from information that is gathered every time we log onto a site and interact. Psychology, you have the key.

This site will eventually get over stuffed and a new site will be established. The media to the masses is produced in the same way. Most with the intention of grabbing your time, knowledge, support = money. Fake news, partial reality is created for the same reasons it is advertising and it works. Real news is what we create and physically one on one or/and in a group share in the moment and put to use in the physical world. People crossed the line a long time ago and we would not even be having this interaction without electronics.

Always self assess.

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