When Reality Surpasses Science Fiction
Adrià Hernández

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source”

We are working on it. The human touch is near. I am sure someone will contact you shortly.

The common traits are here in us and the world is waking up. Most people get stuck in the network they have already created. Also, what they have already and need to work on is the day to day to get by. Stepping outside your own network is needed.

Working in and on the intersections of change takes an effort and usually requires necessity to motivate people. The network already does exist. Getting people to “want” what they need would accomplish a lot.

AI is a tool and has not been able to form the equations needed for empathy. The sum of fear, happiness, and other human emotions change and experiences form different emotions with different people. People are situational a computer is not. AI is of one mind and has not the ability yet to form to fit the user. The one size fits all is what has made it a necessity for humans to be tasked with decision making. People have great abilities that the existing systems that we use can help enhance or with use humans may lose these abilities. The mass production of the past that continues to mass produce mistakes in equipment is just one of many examples of problems produced by human and machine. There is a lot of work to do. Let us be aware of the cost.


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