Health Insurance: How Does It Work?
Yonatan Zunger

“Open mind” 360: 2030

Thank you for your article. Keep up the good work. It really is appreciated.

I must be in a mood this morning according to what I just wrote.

I would like to see you reach deep about the profiteers, third parties, and LLCs involved. After all there are a lot of intricacies and most of the horror stories are true as what we have experienced and heard. I have been waiting for someone to have the guts to write about it. Not to be dark, just to be truthful. We hear about all the research that is being paid for and never applied, so on and so on.

Do not get me wrong. I have to give credit to some who are working in the systems to change it. The men and women who are in here everyday trying to make a difference and save lives.

The very people and things that made you sick and, or injured should be held accountable, to pay would think. This was supposed to be where the law comes in to protect the people. Look at the process, that can kill you and many profiteers are depending on it.

The actual people in the center of this conversation, us. How about we take a good look at the process and time line to file a claim. Focus in on the actuality of denied claims. How about a list going down the line of who is making profit on our lives. After all we are all in this experiment together and being parceled out with no control over what we get or where it is going. We are made up of many parts not just our body and mind. Our information and every aspect is being used or sold. Look at the price list as what we are paying in these life and death situations. It is true they have you coming and going. Who is invested in our lives and who is invested in our sickness, health and death. Maybe we should not be calling it health care. I do believe there are cures out there. The alternatives your insurance wont cover are more helpful. After all it is in business to make a profit for it’s share holders.

There is a back up like having insurance on your insurer. I think this gets in to the more redundant systems that are in play here. As you said it is complicated.

Since some or most insurance is mandated by law and I have found it hard to find a legitimate option in my research. This is bad business and making me crazy! What are we to do?

Just like your car insurance that you bought and had to hire a lawyer to sue your own insurance company once you had an accident.

On a light note. I am not feeling well, but at least I know why. I am alive so I still have hope.