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“Open mind” 360:2030

Let’s talk free speech. The media is not the enemy and they are. Without the media and technology a person would only be known by those they had personal contact and experience with and you would have to be within ear, eye reach to know of their existence. This would be the way it was before our technology existed. True and false information was passed through our networks person to person within the family. Then it was passed within our communities and so forth. Necessity fed to the need of and for trying to reach a distance person or audience to interact or influence by the communications network. There has always been an effort to control speech and information being passed. Good and bad business or rumor can be perpetuated at a greater level through the networks and has. Explore what gives into the over and under exaggeration of a person, action, event or product to catch one’s attention.

Like it or not the media and communication networks exist. It is how it is used or perceived that makes the difference. Proof of intention in communication is often difficult. It does affect us if we are not given the choice to turn it off or on. The captive audience has no choice as to what they are being fed, but still can have a choice to believe it or not. Like any business if you do not feed it, it will change to your consumer habits to exist.

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