Decapitating Consciousness
Robert Epstein

“Open mind” 360: 2030

Wow, what a read. I was not in a mood to use my Evelyn Woods reading dynamics. Sorry, I did not give the article a chance. It was to long for me on the subject so I phased out and skipped to the end after the second paragraph. I live in the real world not academia. No it is not really a mystery, but using the word can get people to read or tune in. It is what it is!

I have also had experiences with being conscious, unconscious and a state of in between. Does this make me an expert on the subject?

I also have had the experience of being focused to the point the world around me was on mute and did not even visually notice it existed. Are we trying to find a distinction here?

I am about behavioral sciences of most kinds. I like the motion and interaction. I am not a know it all. The all or nothing statements are not fact. I just believe that everything everywhere is interactive. I like behavior science until it attempts to dissect the whole or disregard aspects of it to fit a thought.

Notice how I can have a lot to say without even have attempt to read an article.


I am still attempting to prove to myself the existence of “free will”. Would anyone care to join in on that topic as to fact or fiction?

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