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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

No disrespect intended, I would really like the big guys to take care of business and kick some butt.

I am not talking about fishing with dynomite, but careful consideration of a one line at a time approach.

It is all about the wait and see for now, as we have no way from here to take care of these pest. I am sure it is in process. All I can do is report issues to the affected parties as I run into issues during my transactions. I am just attempting to keep up moral on an everyday basis. I still have real hope as we work together we can correct and or resolve any such issues.

When giving an order to stand down because of all the innocents involved if we strike back we expect to see some action down the time line that things are being handled. I believe these are not unreasonable expectations.

I have felt so many times that if I had the ability to do so I would climb inside this computer and track the pest down and do a tit for tat. Just because I can does not mean I should. In some matters I am unable and have to depend upon the professionals at source on the other end.

We share information not having a choice and must interact to do business and survive. Cyber security common sense means anyone using this information in a matter that disrupts or hurts the very infrastructure we are all using; being it foreign or domestic affects us all.

I have to say if it happens here, it is happening all over the world and needs to be addressed.


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