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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

I mean no disrespect in my statement or article.

Suffering occurs and is not the issue here. I am not heartless just facing the facts. These are interactive systems. The only way to talk to the hierarchy is to show that this is not cost effective for them. We have done so redundantly. Let our professionals do their work. We have been working on this for at least 30 years and have made great progress in behavioral health and all the interactive systems. I refuse to give up when I can see the results as plain as day. Do the real math!

Stop attempting to kill the messenger and feed to the facts. I am grateful for the opportunity to use their and our own lives as a measure to educate as to the reality. Where is the advice coming from about good ideas and bed ideas?

I can translate this information as to: the more people up and working the more money and interactivity that goes into most businesses. I understand that those who have not had hands on experiences working in these systems may not have a clue as to the interactive purposes.

If your purpose was or is to collapse and cause pain to as many people as possible please stop and think before cost cutting.

How do we give a broader picture to a close mind? How do we educate an ego and power structure on the common interactions of the human species? To talk openly and in transparency with experience we cannot let our representatives do away with their selves and take us with them. If this is what matters $$$ take a look at the big picture and get out of the fear zone.

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