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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

This is not right and speaking in truth, 100% of the present population is still being affected by the past and continuing wars and pollution. The leaders of all countries do not have clean hands. The pollution and destruction of the planet must stop and the world voted. Saving the world is the number one priority.

The moral and physical injuries of our military and people cannot be explained away.

The world and nature speaks in accepting the past and not passing judgement. We are moving forward with the knowledge of the past written within us. We have vowed to do better to transition away from the self-destructive nature of our leaders before us.

We are working together to transition to a sustainable present and future. We have the tools as human beings to rise to this challenge.

USA must take responsibility for the actions and standards we are sworn to uphold. Our people will level up and support change. We will supply alternative solutions and methods working together with the rest of the world in transparency.

We will continue to share data and resources. We will preempt and mitigate damage to crises situations and not create them.

Be aware, be situational and be safe.